Nurse Injector- Courtney Kenley

Updated: May 5, 2020

Hey Everyone!

    My name is Courtney Kenley - Nurse injector, laser technician and skincare specialist.

    Originally from Nova Scotia, Canada I migrated out to the west coast about three years ago working as a travel nurse, and never left! My love for the mountains is what drew me out here initially, but my amazing job is what kept me.  I recently transitioned into the medical aesthetic industry after a six year career in Emergency Nursing.  When I left the ER I was burnt out, sleep deprived and really having difficulty leading a balanced life.  To say that I love my job at Clinic 805 would be an understatement - I get to spend my days customizing treatment plans to help my clients look and feel their best while working alongside an extremely talented and inspiring team.  I have found something that I LOVE waking up for every morning, and this blog allows me the opportunity to share my passion with you all.

    Follow my personal journey as I explore industry trends, hot topics, real life experiences and so much more.

- XO


For collaborations, inquiries or just to say hello please contact:

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