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Twenty year old me: hated the thought of sitting at home, “relaxing”. I was a restless soul who struggled to sit still with my thoughts. I embarked on a travel nursing journey for three years - living a nomadic life with my fiance. I worked all over the country taking contracts in various emergency departments and intensive care units without any permanent spot to call my home. By the end of the three years I felt like I was in a permanent “flight or fight” response. I was always on high- alert and had zero chill factor.

Fast forward seven years: my FAVORITE part of my day is coming home to the comfort of my apartment, my dog, and my fiance after a long day of work. Nights now are often spent curled up with a book or watching a series on Netflix accompanied by a face mask or bubble bath, and an occasional bottle of wine. One thing that I have discovered in creating a space that I feel relaxed and content in is the importance of scent. Scent plays a huge role in connecting us to certain feelings and can help us settle into a more relaxed state purely by association.

As a relatively newcomer to Victoria I stumbled upon Milk and Honey Brow Bar during my early days here while I was desperately looking for a brow wax. The first thing I noticed about Milk and Honey was how homey and welcoming it felt when you walked into their store. The decor is ADORABLE! I also immediately noticed the amazing aroma that filtered throughout their space. Seven months later not only am I hooked on the services offered at Milk and Honey, I have also discovered a line of products that I LOVE by Picot Collective (also local to Victoria).

The Picot Collective Tobacco Honey line is a custom blend of fragrance that is sweet, deep and truly smells amazing. Their scent evokes a feeling of comfort and sensuality for both the home and body. I have their candles spread throughout my home. They have a beautiful yet simple design that comes in white or black and looks great in any space. The scent is a warm and welcoming and acts as a simple reminder to take a deep breath, relax and unwind at the end of the day.

Their roller balls are a great addition for any on-the-go person like myself. I keep one in my purse and put a dab behind the ears or on my wrists to check in to my inner peace. Because I associate the smell with relaxation, it’s a great escape in the midst of a busy work day.

Lastly the Tobacco Honey body butter is AMAZING. If you suffer from dry skin (as most of us do) during the winter. I lather it on after my shower once a week, and it helps to combat that winter dryness - keeping my skin silky and smooth.


Picot Collective products are all vegan, phthalate free, synthetic free and Prop 65 compliant.

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